Phone shot of supercar

I always wanted to do this

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Just before New Year’s Eve I met up with Joacim to shoot his AMG GTS. Since the days are pretty short in the winter, it was inevitable that it would be dark at the time we were shooting. I had another shoot before, which basically was a sunset shoot even though it was the middle […]

Porsche GT3 RS on the highway

Stelvio Pass at night

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When I wrote about my Ferrari camping experience I didn’t expect that many people to be interested in the rest of the story. But you did, so I decided to open my laptop and start writing. After our adventure on the Italian highway, we finally arrived at a hotel. However, we only had a few […]

Three exotic cars parked next to the highway at night

Camping in a Ferrari on the Italian highway

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When driving 5500km with 7 cars it would be a miracle if nothing happened to one of the cars. Unfortunately for us we weren’t that lucky. In the second week of our trip we left Monaco and continued our journey towards Italy. The winding highway down the coast was a lovely road to drive, especially […]