Driving an Aventador on your first trackday?

In the beginning of September I flew to Sweden to visit one of the biggest car events of Sweden: Autoropa Racing Days. So, you thought Swedes only drive Volvos? Well you’re wrong. Apparently, they drive Volvos and Ferraris, a lot of Ferraris. I have never seen that many Speciales before. I mean, it almost looked like all of them went to Sweden. But forget the Ferraris, I came for the one Lamborghini at the event. And not just any Lamborghini, an Aventador. If that’s not enough, the owner invited me to drive the car on track. Yes, on track. That would definitely get you on a flight too, right? Enough chit chat, let’s get straight to the action.

I jumped into the car and buckled myself for the drive of my life. I reached for the start button to let this fighter jet come to life and immediately memories started to rise from my last drive with this car. The way you’re seated in the car with the interior shaped around you rather gives you the feeling you and your co-pilot are about to take off and fly to the moon instead of ripping it around a track. It is so surreal, so intimidating.


I figured I should leave Corsa for what it is and start in Sport, for now. It had been a few months since I had driven an Aventador, so Sport it was. I drove one lap down the paddock to get a feeling of the throttle response and steering again before making my way to the Pit lane. As soon as I got closer to the track my emotions started to rush through my body: “I got my license for two years and I’m about to unleash an Aventador on track, f*ck!”

Credits: Sally458

As soon as the light turned green it was time to show what I got and I accelerated to the first corner. The tires were cold and I could feel a bit of understeer in the first corner. The next few corners I tried to tackle the understeer by punching the steering wheel and making the front-end dive into the corner. The car is big and felt a bit out of proportion on the tight track that is Knutstorp, even though it could handle itself quite well. The car was planted to the road. But coming out of that last corner for the first time is something I will never forget! The last corner allows you to push the throttle all the way to the bottom and then the car really starts to take off. The track is pretty narrow, which makes it that much more exciting. Once you’re approaching the wall of the pit lane you’re already doing 200km/h. Even though in reality you are a few meters away from the wall, with the speed and you dangling through the car it really feels like inches! Once you’ve hit 250 and continuing to 260 you have come to the braking zone and have to slam the brakes to try to keep the car as straight as possible, create a little oversteer at the end of the straight and go through the sharp corner to the right. While taking the next few corners you are already craving for that straightaway again, that relentless feeling, that feeling of unlimited power, that “Unleash the beast” feeling.

I did a few laps and had to enter the pit lane again. As a cherry on the cake I got to see everyone’s surprised faces when they found out they just got overtaken by a 20-year-old kiddo stuck in puberty. As soon as I got out of the car and turned around to look at it I immediately had the feeling this never happened. I just drove an Aventador on track, hard. I overtook Ferraris on a track. Wow…