How a birthday surprise almost ended into a disaster

Fuel station takeover

Alright! First off I owe you a little background story. Me and my best friends don’t live what you can call around the corner. While they are having kräftskiva in Sweden, I’m just eating lobster in The Netherlands. The original plan was to meet up in Stockholm right after my friend’s birthday. They were taking the train and I would go by plane to meet them there, but little did he know that I had a whole different plan.

Instead of booking a ticket to Stockholm, I booked a ticket to Gothenburg. And instead of flying after his birthday, I arrived the evening before. My idea was to randomly show up at his birthday, but – as stupid as I am – I had to take it to a whole other level. Instead of just showing up on his doorstep, I decided to organize a one day supercar tour. The next half year went into preparing the route, arranging a restaurant and gathering cars. At the time he still had no idea what was going on. I  must say it feels very weird to lie to your best friend for half a year straight!

Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

So far everything went as planned. However, one week before flying there was a turning point. All participants were eager to join the event, but they didn’t know if they would be available that day. I was too late with sending everyone a reminder which led to a problem at the end. Of all 15 participants only 1 was available on the day of the event. With only one week to go I had a massive problem, since I needed at least three cars for the event. The coming days were very stressful. Everyday I was in a debate whether to blow it off or still try to find new participants. I went through all my contacts again and again and started to ask other people if they knew someone interested in joining. I couldn’t simply post something on Facebook since everything was organized in secrecy.

Porsche Cayman S

Follow the leader

Two days before flying I got good news. We finally managed to get enough cars together to let it all happen! But the stress was not over yet. The route I made for the event had never been tested since I live 1500 kilometers away. I had only driven the road on Google Maps which was updated nine years ago. So we had no idea if the road had ever changed or if it still even existed. I remember riding shotgun in the Maserati when the owner asked me: “How did you find this road?” Which I confidently responded: “Ah I found it on Google Maps”. I heard a small giggle followed by a surprised “Oh”. I could clearly see that he was not expecting that answer. At the end the road I chose turned out to be great and as a bonus non of the participants had ever driven there. The most important part was that not only I had fun, but everyone had. It sure was a birthday never to forget and something I will never do again… I think… I hope… Anyway, it was worth the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating the event!

We decided to go clubbing with a small group to let the whole day sink in and to cheer on a good start of the holiday. In Scandinavia it’s basically a race against the clock: Will you get drunk before you run out of money? Because oh boy alcohol is expensive!

Oh and John. Next time we go clubbing, mind the stairs…

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