I always wanted to do this

Phone shot of supercar

Just before New Year's Eve I met up with Joacim to shoot his AMG GTS. Since the days are pretty short in the winter, it was inevitable that it would be dark at the time we were shooting. I had another shoot before, which basically was a sunset shoot even though it was the middle of the day, we were forced to shoot the car while it was pitch black. My tripod didn't fit in my luggage, so I had to boost up the ISO to get some lighting into the photo and sit on the frozen ground to hold the camera steady while using long shutterspeed. I didn't have an external light either – noob – so we used two cars to lighten up the GTS. 

We were shooting in Drammen and my friends knew of a cool location up the mountain. What caught my attention, however, was the road towards the top of the mountain. It was a never ending spiral in a tunnel. It literally went on for three minutes! I said we should turn around and drive down the mountain again while I was sitting in the back of the car. Joacim is an experienced driver and tried to get the car as close as possible for the shot. If I wanted to I could stretch out my arm and literally touch aggressive front end of the Mercedes. Everything for the shot.

Speaking of that. Before we wrapped up the shoot I felt confident enough to ask Joacim the question every photographer has thought about. "Could you drift around me while I try to take a photo?" I could see him hesitating before he agreed to do it which gave me more confidence. It meant he is actually worried about hitting me and doesn't see me as a cone on the road which you can pick up again once you have ran it over. I positioned myself in the middle of the open area and Joacim threw the car around me. And that's how friendships are made.