Stelvio Pass at night

Porsche GT3 RS on the highway

When I wrote about my Ferrari camping experience I didn’t expect that many people to be interested in the rest of the story. But you did, so I decided to open my laptop and start writing.

After our adventure on the Italian highway, we finally arrived at a hotel. However, we only had a few hours to sleep since we had to be at the Porsche dealer in the early morning to pick up the car. We thought it would be a quick in and out at the Porsche Dealer, but apparently the Porsche personnel thought differently. It took the whole day to get the car ready. Literally, we were at the dealer from 9:00 to 16:00. We skipped breakfast and lunch while we were at the Porsche dealer. We just wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible.

With no food in our system whatsoever we were finally back on the road and desperately looking for a restaurant to have dinner, but nothing was open yet. Welcome to Italy. The only choice we had was a tiny McDonalds in town. The day was over, but we still had to drive all the way to Stuttgart from Parma. We knew we had a long journey ahead of us. Once we had hit the border with Austria, or Switzerland – I can’t even remember – the sun had already descended behind the mountains. It was pitch black when we arrived at the Stelvio Pass and driving on the Stelvio Pass at night is so much different than during daylight.

I didn't know the road at all, so I had to trust on the navigation system. The benefit of driving the Stelvio Pass at night are the open roads. You can push without seeing any cars, but it doesn't take long until you are driving behind someone again. The speed difference is too big between you and normal traffic, so you are catching up on a lot of distance in between cars. I found it hard to overtake once being stuck behind traffic. At home I can see the headlights of upcoming traffic from miles away since my country is as flat as a pancake, but on the Stelvio Pass I had no idea if the road was clear or if a mountain was blocking my sight. It was all pitch black. I didn't want to take any risk, so I rather waited until I was 100% sure I could overtake.

BMW M4 interior

It was 30 degrees during the day, but at night the temperature could drop significantly at high altitudes. I could feel that the back tires had less grip, so didn't want to overpush the car on the corners. All in all we had a lot of fun in the mountains and kept it safe. The last leg was the Autobahn to Stuttgart which is always fun. We arrived at the hotel and went straight to bed. Two long days with two hours of sleep. No one talked in the hotel, we all wanted to cover our head in a pillow.