Why you should attend a trackday in Norway

racecar in the rain
In October I attended my first trackday in Norway organised by AutoXo. While the rain was coming out of the sky in extraordinary amounts, the Norwegians didn't seem to care at all. The turnup was quite larger than I expected. I think the typical Norwegian term "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!" applies to trackdays as well. The Norwegians seemed to neglect the negative side which is the weather and only look at the positive side: The trackday itself. And that's why I am giving you 5 reasons why you should attend a trackday in Norway.

The people

Not only do the Norwegians ignore the rain drizzling upon their heads, they are also very patient. On the track itself everyone drove at their own pace and gave each other space, something I don't always see at a racetrack like Zandvoort or the Nurburgring. People were not pushing as much as on other trackdays and the ones who did, were looking out for the less experienced on track. This gives a much more confident feeling on the track, because my fear on track is not if I will crash into something but if the one behind me will crash into me. I know my limits, but I don't know if the one behind me knows his limits too.

trackday onboard

The scenery

I mean, come on! If you don't know Norway's beautiful scenery then what have you been doing all your life? And how did you get internet to find my page? I don't even have to explain what Norway's scenery looks like, you should just come and experience it yourself. It is definitely worth staying a few days longer and drive on twisting mountain roads for hours and hours. The scenery changes by the minute and if your jaw hurts at dinner it's because it dropped on your steering wheel and never found its way back upper jaw. Norway must be one of the countries with the most foreigners making the :O expression while driving because those mesmerising mountains will absolutely blow your mind.


"Ok Lars we get it. The people are great, the country is great, but driving to Oslo is quite a stretch." Well, it is actually closer than you might think! There are a lot of ferries from Germany and Denmark going to Norway which will cut quite some distance on the trip. Best part is you are moving while you are sleeping, so you are saving on a night at a hotel as well. You can take the boat from Fredrikshavn to Oslo at a low of 50 euros. Now try to find a reasonable hotel with covered parking and variable ocean view for that price.

Supercars driving on mountain road

The track

When I was meeting up with Peter in Stockholm he told me: "The best track of Sweden lies in Norway." He meant Rudskogen. And he's right. Knutstorp in Sweden is a fun track, but it is a bit too small for the fast cars of these days, especially if you are driving something quite bulky like the Aventador I tracked last year. Rudskogen is just over the border and delivers everything you could demand of a racetrack. Good pavement, fast straight, fast corners and technical slow corners.

racecar in the rain

If this hasn't convinced you yet, then have you ever looked at the women in Norway? Sweden is famous for their beautiful women, but in my opinion Norway is keeping it quiet for a reason: They don't want us to know. One of the most beautiful women live in Norway and the Norwegians like to keep them to themselves. Anyway, fancying in joining one of many trackdays? You can always hit me up to find something suitable for you or you could check out Cars & Coffee. Announcements will be made soon!

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